Superstock Race

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Ok so I have done the Superstock race now. It was a 4 lap race with me starting in 46 th place. From half way through lap 1 I started getting brake fade, now remember, one lap is 68Km. This would become worse as the race progressed with the lever coming flat to the bar by lap 4. My lap times were good and the best I have done yet. I finally did a 115.175 Mph! Next is the Suerbike race.


Superbike race

Right, here are the results ( as I understand them ha ha). Roadracing is new to me, a whole new experience :-)))


I started 75th. After lap 1 I was 67th and went through without a stop. At the end of lap 2 I did a pits stop for fuel and a new visor and was in 63rd position. The pits stop was real slow as I could not get the bike started. Mick pushed me all the way down pit lane! By the end of lap 3 I was up to position 56 and went straight through again. At the end of lap 4 I stopped again for fuel and a new rear tyre. I was by now up to 54 th position. At the end of the 6th lap I crossed in 46 th position! My first TT finish! Thank you to all that helped me get this "in the bag" . Today it's time for the Superstock race at 14:00, BRING IT ON!

Day 3 Shedule

Monday, May 27
18.20-19.55 - Superbike/Superstock/Supersport/Newcomers (except Lightweight)
20.00-20.50 - Sidecar

Practice Cancelled!

Tuesday evening’s practice session at the 2013 Isle of Man TT Races fuelled by Monster Energy, was cancelled after conditions slowly deteriorated during the late afternoon.

The meteorological office forecasted that the cloud during the daytime would later give way to rain around 6pm and that’s exactly what happened with steady drizzle falling around various parts of the course.

The original 6.20pm start was put back as the Clerk of the Course Gary Thompson MBE allowed extra time to see if the rain would stop but, after two course inspection laps with the rider liaison officers, the decision was made at 6.35pm to call the session off due to the wet roads.

Competitors will have three sessions before the Dainese Superbike race on Saturday but with sunny intervals forecast for the remainder of the week, it looks like riders should get some good, dry track time ahead of Saturday's first race.

Tomorrow schedule (GMT Times) is as follows:

18.20-19.55 - 

Day 2 of Practice IOM TT

Having to get used the "roadracing" culture is a big adjustment for Allann-Jon. The practice is only run at night after they close the roads at 18:00. This also is only if the weather is good enough on the whole course and there are no other problems. Last night the practice was delayed as a bus was stuck on the course! there was doubt that practice would take place because the rain had been coming down all day. It stopped for long enough but the course was still wet enough for the Cleck of the course to make the practice "untimed".

AJ went out on the Cold Planing Superstock CBR1000 to get better aquainted with the circuit before he tries the Superbike. In total he did two laps on Friday and two yesterday, 4 laps to learn a 38 Mile circuit is a big ask! His comments after yesterday's session were all around the incredibly high speeds that the bikes attain. The bike is geared 3 teeth longer that standard road gearing and they go onto the rev limiter in top gear, that make for really fast top speeds.

The next practice is this evening, weather permitting. Last nights session was red flagged and cancelled after 35 Minutes due to and accident at Ballacrye. Yoshi Matsushita was killed in the incident. He aws riding for the Tyco Suzuki Team.

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